SUPsBOX – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Joining SUPsBOX

1) How to Join SUPsBOX? – Select the plan best suited for you, fill in the information required and we can then get your box ready to send to you

2) Whats in the box? – Each box contains various products from some of the biggest brands in the health and fitness industry. The items are handpicked from our team who research the newest and most popular products not the market. The box will vary from Whey protein samples to Pre workouts to Protein Bars.

3) When Do I get billed? – All Customers are charged on the 20th of each month (Subscription dependent), you are charged for the first months box on the point of sign up and the last day to sign up for that months box is the 20th. 4) How can I change my details or cancel my subscription? – You can cancel or change any details like billing info by going into my account and clicking settings.

Shipping Information

  1. When is my Box Shipped? – All boxes are shipped in the last week of the month, the 20th of that month is the last ordering day for that month. Although if your one or two days late message us and we can see what we can do.
  2. Who is it delivered by? – All boxes are sent by Royal mail 48 hour
  3. UK postage Costs? – Free
  4. EU postage Costs? – £4
  5. USA Postage Costs? £7.50